Scalloped removable racks are also designed for added style and function. Ft. Wine Cellar (KUWL204ESB) - Black, KOOLATRON 10 Bottle Countertop/Floor Wine Cooler - 9.8" Wide - Black, Silhouette Reserve 5 Cu. One of the issues in keeping bottles of wines at home is finding the right space for the fridge or cooler. In wine storing and chilling, direct light is not ideal while high humidity and low temperature are required. this small countertop wine fridge can fit in any space at home, in a bar setting, or kitchen. Nov 02, 2020 - 4 Recommendations. A wine cooler is designed specifically to store wine, while your refrigerator is a multi-purpose device. The door isn’t opening and closing constantly, causing fluctuations. Get Fast, Same Day Service for your Appliance Repair in Massachusetts. Serving your favorite beverages at the ideal temperature is easy with the Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Magic Chef - 28-Bottle Wine Cooler - Black. Not only this, but it has a lovely looking display shelf at the bottom, great for showing your most prised wines. Meant for storage and chilling of 6 bottles of wine, this Magic Chef wine cooler is one of the best small wine refrigerators because it can fit any countertop spaces in the kitchen, home bars, or entertainment room. The temperature, which you can control and adjust at your desired temperature, provides an ideal environment and humidity to keep the wines fresh and crisp. Temperature and humidity levels are kept at an appropriate range to ensure that all bottles of wines are chilled perfectly. Convenience, Security & Collision Avoidance. Many people enjoy a glass of wine to unwind after long day at work. ft. Convenient to use because of the exterior digital touchscreen for temperature controls and 7 pull-out shelves for maximum storage, this wine cooler is innovatively designed to fit wine lifestyle and hobby of true wine connoisseurs. All wine coolers can be shipped to you at home. Required fields are marked *. It has frost-free technology that prevents bottles to freeze. Sign up to stay in the loop about the hottest deals, coolest new products, and exclusive sales events. The best small wine fridges that you can find in the market today utilize the most high-end and advanced cooling technology. This is what every wine collector aims for in keeping and storing wines. No Service Call with Repair. Yes, they are available in different sizes. Both for red and white wines, this wine cooler is intended for freestanding application, designed with highly efficient and vibration-free thermoelectric cooling technology. This is not the ideal unit for wine collectors who want all bottles in one wine refrigerator. In case you can’t decide yet, here is a recap of all of the units featured above: David J Sharp is a wine equipment expert, having previously worked with some of the best wine cooler manufacturers within the USA. Temperature is adjustable through its mechanical adjustable thermostat control, giving you a simple way to cater to all types of wines in one suitable temperature and cooling condition. Its cooling condition is perfect for all kinds of wines. You don’t even have to open the door to see through the glass door. Small wine refrigerators can often maintain their temperature easier than large wine fridges, due to their smaller capacity, meaning less air to cool. Dimensions: 22.3″ x 17.8″ x 12.4″ inches; Weight: 19.4 lbs. Ft. Wine Cellar (KUWR204EPA) - Panel-Ready, Koolatron 173-Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cellar (WC160DZ) - Black, Gymax Compressor Refrigerator Portable Electric Car Freezer Cooler 63-Quart, Danby 1-Tap Freestanding Keg Cooler (DKC054A1BSLDB) - Stainless Steel. The reinforced glass door is airtightly sealed to prevent exterior heat from entering and to avoid UV rays of sunlight affecting the bottles. … With this list, you will find the best one that matches your requirements. Whether you want it built-in or freestanding or you want it on top of the counter or under the counter, this is the ultimate wine cooler for you. In addition, it can also be an excellent addition to the interior design of your kitchen, bar, or private setting. Top 14 Best Commercial Wine Coolers & Fridges (2021 Review), Top 10 Best 48-Bottle Wine Coolers & Fridges (2021 Review), Top 10 Best 52 Bottle Wine Coolers & Fridges (2021 Review), Top 12 Best Large Wine Fridges & Coolers (2021 Review), How to Choose a Wine Cooler (2021 Review), Top 12 Best 36-Bottle Wine Coolers & Fridges (2021 Review), Top 9 Best EdgeStar Wine Coolers & Fridges (2021 Review), Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Single-Zone Small Wine Cooler –, Commercial Cool CCWT060TB Thermoelectric 6 Bottle Small Wine Cooler –, Thermal Electric CCWT080MB 8 Bottle Small Wine Cooler –, NutriChef 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Refrigerator –, NutriChef 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Cooler –, Magic Chef MCWC12B 12-Bottle Single-Zone Small Wine Cooler –, NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Fridge –, Ivation Stainless Steel 12 Bottle Compressor Small Wine Refrigerator –, AKDY 16 Bottle Compressor Freestanding Small Wine Cooler Refrigerator –, Whynter WC-16S SNO 16 Bottle Small Wine Cooler with Lock –, Koldfront TWR160S 16 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Cooler –, NutriChef PKTEWC180 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Refrigerator –, NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Small Wine Fridge –, Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Small Wine Refrigerator –, Package includes: 1 x Thermoelectric-based Wine Cooler, 1 x instruction, 2 removable sculpted chrome wine bottle racks, Package includes: 1 x Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator, 1 x instruction, Ultra-quiet thermal electric cooling technology, Touch panel for convenient adjusting of temperature, Package includes: 1 x Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, 1 x instruction, Digital touch display for temperature control, Thermoelectric cooling technology in accurate precision, Reinforced glass door with airtight seal feature, High precision Thermoelectric cooling technology, Sleek appearance with a reinforced glass door, Electronic control panel with LED display, Temperature range: 50°F- 64°F single-zone, Thermoelectric cooling technology in high precision, Adjustable temperature on touch screen control panel, Package includes: 1 x Compressor Wine Cooler, 1 x instruction, An energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system, Insulated interior with solid polyurethane heavy foam, Exterior digital controls and LCD temperature display, Temperature range: 40°F- 50°F upper zone; 50°F- 66°F lower zone, Package includes: 1 x Compressor-based Wine Cooler, 1 x instruction, Built-in compressor operates to distribute cool air evenly, Enhanced Blue Light LCD temperature display, Exterior digital touchscreen temperature controls, UV resistant, double-paned thermopane glass, 6 pull-out chrome shelves with display at bottom, Equipped with accurate precision thermoelectric cooling technology, Adjustable temperature through digital touch-button display, Temperature range: 46°F- 64°F upper zone; 54°F- 64°F lower zone, LCD digital display and temperature touch controls, Innovative vertical shelving to keep an opened bottle of wine in proper storage, Temperature range: 46°F- 66°F upper zone; 54°F- 66°F lower zone, Dual-zone temperature; top zone holds 8 bottles; lower zone holds 10 bottles. What are the shipping options for wine coolers? A full-sized wine fridge is virtually a wine cellar in your home. The vertical shelving also maximizes wine storage solution. In terms of style, design, and performance, buying this wine cooler for 16 bottles is a good value for money. It’s also great to have a bottle of wine on hand to celebrate a special occasion. If you want to be able to store your wine accessories like wine openers and wine pourers, think about a wine fridge cabinet with drawer space. It has the advantage of affordability and portability. The size ranges from 10 inches to 48 inches and 6-25 bottle capacity. Because of this, regular refrigerators and coolers are not practical to use. 34-bottle freestanding wine cooler features an adjustable temperature control for ideal storage options. NutriChef wine cooler in dual zone thermoelectric cooling temperature is a quiet and efficient wine refrigerator perfect for the wine collectors and wine lovers. In our previous case study – we have featured ‘ Magic Chef Wine Cooler ’ which is available at a very competitive price. Sellers participating in our shopping program provide pricing and product information to Bing. Check out these recommended wine coolers and fridges and pick the one fit into your purposes and spaces. There are plenty of brands, designs, sizes, and features to consider when choosing the right wine cooler for your lifestyle and wine collecting and storing purposes. Coolness is evenly distributed because of the built-in circulation and ventilation grill, ensuring that each bottle is chilled to perfection in its horizontal and vertical shelves. Product Rating 4.5 /5. You can control the temperature with its digital touch control button display according to the temperature specific for chilling and storing wines. If the bottles of wine are collected to be stored for a decade or two, a larger-sized wine fridge or a wine cellar is a more ideal option instead. In Summary: What is the Best Small Wine Cooler & Fridge for You? This stainless steel and black Frigidaire holds six bottles and stands just over 15-inches tall.… They offer the most popular units and the bestselling units at a reasonable price. Mini wine fridges are ideal for anyone who lives in small spaces and to all who prefer the compact size, also for those who have a large collection of wines but prefer to have a few within reach anytime. It looks very elegant in black color and the LED interior light, which is always on, provides an excellent ambiance in any room. Free Shipping On Orders $45+. You can find out more about LoveCraftWines here. The fully removable wine racks provide a way to conveniently arrange your wine bottles the way you want. Ft. 16-Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler (DWC018A1BDB) - Black, Danby 38-Bottle Freestanding Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler (DWC040A3BSSDD) - Stainless Steel, Frigidaire Gallery 52-Bottle Wine Cooler (FGWC5233TS) - Stainless Steel, Silhouette 5.1 cu. Find wine coolers at Lowe's today. Its thermostat is adjustable so that it will meet your preferences or desired temperature for chilling. LED lighting system and glass door allow viewing of your bottles. These mini wine coolers make a bottle of wine ready to be served at a specific chilling temperature anytime you want one. Perfect for storing and chilling 8 bottles of wines, red or white wines, this unit features a compact size that fits countertop and floor spaces at home or in the bar setting. As the wine ages, its flavor improves and becomes richer. The Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler is a premium wine cooler that would suit any kitchen, dining room, or even your fancy-pants wine cellar. Read helpful reviews from our customers. Fortunately, there are excellent wine coolers and fridges designed for various bottle capacities. Perfect for smaller kitchens or under counter, this unit from… The small and compact size is a perfect fit for countertop use or for smaller spaces at home or bar setting. A wine cooler is designed specifically to store wine, while your refrigerator is a multi-purpose device. The elegant black metal sides, alongside the front stainless steel rim, and large glass front appear very attractive to match your kitchen’s interior decoration. Received a Magic Chef wine cooler for a gift last year. What are the advantages of a Small Wine Cooler & Fridge over larger wine coolers? Customers’ reviews are also viewable. Flashback: Can handle 24 bottles Thermoelectric cooling – that makes lesser noise & vibration The company has 85 years of glorious experience. It keeps wines stored in consistent, stable temperature and humidity. Shop online for pickup or delivery, or visit a store for a safe shopping and service experience. Ft. 94-Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler (DWC94L1B) - Black, Danby 1.8 Cu. Feel like a pro as you keep your wines in a single zone temperature and humidity, ensuring that your wines are always at the most suitable temperature for serving or storing. Are there any special values on wine coolers? The sleek design of this small dual zone wine cooler can be used to complement the kitchen or home bar appliances. When it comes to installation, this freestanding wine cooler in its compact size is sure to fit the kitchen’s countertop space or home bar’s limited area. It’s just a bit smaller, with a darker window tint. Browse by features such as bottle capacity, brand, color, number of drawers & more. The small size of these coolers and fridges means they’re a great fit for small homes or for limited spaces at home or in a bar setting. There are some major differences between red wines and white wines. This unit comes with a hidden door hinge for convenient use and a recessed door handle for added enhancement and sleek design. This NutriChef manufactured small wine cooler is perfect for your small spaces in the kitchen, home bar, entertainment or game room, and bar setting. On the other hand, a mini wine cooler cannot be as effective for larger quantities of bottled wine. Winemaking Kits & Wine Making Starter Kits. Aside from energy-efficient and ultra-quiet cooling technology, it also features a sleek and stylish design in black door and cabinet and sculpted chrome wine shelves. You can literally install one of these wherever you have a bit of free space, and move it easily if needed. However, both are ideally served at around the same temperature range: that’s usually 10-degrees to 14-degrees. The bottles should be on its side, too, to maintain the freshness of the wine and the quality of the cork that seals the bottle. Although you can keep wine in your fridge, there are many reasons why a wine cooler is the better choice. Keeping your wines at its freshness and quality requires the right temperature and light. The efficiency and functions are well-designed, no wonder it is the best option for those considering an 8-bottle capacity wine cooler. has now acquired, Address: 1239 19th St Santa Monica, CA 90404 USA, Ivation 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator w/Lock, #1 Editor’s Recommendation – Excellent size, Great Reviews. Although you can keep wine in your fridge, there are many reasons why a wine cooler is the better choice. Whether you have red wines or white wines or you have both, this is the unit that you must have. It is built with high precision thermoelectric cooling technology that is quietly operating. Exposure to light can cause wine to develop a flat taste over time. What many wine lovers don’t realize is that even an expensive vintage can disappoint if it hasn’t been stored properly. Wine Enthusiast features a slim-type wine cooler to fit your small spaces at home kitchen or in a bar setting. It looks very elegant in black color and the LED interior light, which is always on, provides an excellent ambiance in any room. One touch control system 3. Temperature range: 46°F- 66°F A small wine cooler is a must-have appliance for people who intend to keep 6-25 bottles of wines at a time. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or your hobby is to collect wines or you just want to enjoy the taste and aroma of sparkling wine every now and then, having the best small wine cooler or fridge at the comfort of your home is such a comfort. Instead, you should consider a wine cooler or wine fridge. You’ll need a little more space, but the payoff is fully optimized storage for dozens of bottles of wine, all easily accessible and all at the ideal drinking temperature. Featuring a perfect wine storage and chilling solution, NutriChef offers this 18-bottle capacity wine cooler in its unique design utilizing the accurate precision thermoelectric cooling technology. A smaller wine cooler can typically store a dozen or more bottles. Easy to installWhat We Didn’t Like: 1. Magic Chef Just a quick overview of the mini fridge… First, most mini fridge’s come with a “large” (it is a mini fridge) refrigeration area and a small freezer section. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The thermoelectric cooling technology used in this unit makes it a very efficient wine cooler for 6 bottles of red and white wines. Shop's huge selection of deluxe wine cellars and wine coolers. Its 18 bottle capacity is designed in such an innovative way to cater to already opened wine bottles. Ivation features another best small wine refrigerator designed with energy-efficient, super quiet compressor cooling technology. Temperature memory function 4. Thermoelectric cooling with adjustable temperature control allows you to properly store your choice of wine at the optimal serving temperature. Your email address will not be published. At its perfect dual-zone temperature makes wine chilling and storing even more précised, especially with the latest high-tech cooling features. W 50-Bottle Wine Cooler in Stainless Steel. It is perfect for those who collect wines in every flavor and aroma. Shop for Wine Cooler at Best Buy. The dual-zone temperature provides the perfect coolness for your bottles of wine. Amazon is the best place to purchase small wine coolers and fridges. The sigle-zone temperature provides the perfect coolness for your bottles of wine. Shop for wine refrigerators, wine decanters, wine openers, wine aerators and more wine technology. Although some are similar in features and specifications, some also come with unique qualities and designs. 30 bottle capacity 2. Your email address will not be published. For wine collectors with limited storage spaces or for those who prefer one always within reach, here are the top 15 best mini wine coolers and fridges to choose from: Meant for storage and chilling of 6 bottles of wine, this Magic Chef wine cooler is one of the best small wine refrigerators because it can fit any countertop spaces in the kitchen, home bars, or entertainment room. The high precision thermoelectric cooling technology operates efficiently and quietly. Wine coolers not only preserve your wine at an ideal temperature but also allow your wine to age to bring out their full flavor and unique characteristics. However, you can rest assured, that all of the wine coolers featured in this article are the creme-de-la-creme of small-sized wine coolers, so all that you need to really know is, capacity, dimension and usage requirements. It is a compressor-based wine cooler that rapidly chills wine bottles in dual zones. A number of brands and manufacturers today offer high-end and energy-efficient wine refrigerators in a small and compact size. If you are a wine lover, purchasing a wine cooler can be an amazing investment. A wine cooler or wine fridge keeps the wine inside at a consistent and ideal temperature. The slightly larger sized coolers also have dual zone functionality, in case you’re looking at housing both reds & white wine in a single unit. A mini wine fridge is not a practical unit to have if it is intended for long term storage. Quiet, efficient, and within the budget, this one is considered a very good option for those who require a 6-bottle capacity unit. Welcome to the wonderful world of the dorm room mini fridge. It makes a convenient storage solution for up to 6 bottles of wines at home or in a bar setting. I do not have the receipt nor do the ones that purchased the cooler. The Best Wine Coolers for Your Home. It works perfectly as a small countertop wine fridge, and can easily blend with other home or kitchen appliances. STAIGIS Wine Cooler - 15 Inch Wine Fridge for 30 Bottles - Small Wine Refrigerator with Glass Door and Concealed Handle - Freestanding 30-Bottle Mini Wine Chiller for Home, Office, Kitchen and Bar 4.6 out of … Frigidaire That means those whites end up being served at temperatures as low as 2-degrees, while the reds hit the table at 21-degrees or If you want a high quality, small, 8-bottle capacity thermoelectric wine refrigerator, this may be the ideal choice for you. You are guaranteed to enjoy your favorite wines to the fullest. Additional features include wine coolers with reversible door hinges, which gives you placement flexibility as well as a see-through door, interior lights, a child-lock and multiple temperature zones. This unit comes with safety lock features so that kids will not be able to open the unit freely. Temperature range of 41-64ðF allows you to select the best option for your wine. Beer and Wine Cooler … There is no need to worry about interior design because of its black color compliments any kitchen and home interior design and appliances. Unfortunately, people have a tendency to store their white wines in the refrigerator (at least prior to drinking them) and keeping their red wines in a rack or cupboard. It is a great product worth investing for if you have a dozen bottles of wines to store and chill. Compensation from these sellers is one of several factors that influences ranking of these results. There are over 8 special value prices on wine coolers. Shop Magic You can have it installed in your bedroom or entertainment room or in the garden on barbecue day. Although it is not suitable as a built-in appliance to complete your kitchen, it can be an excellent freestanding unit for your wines and you can place it anywhere in your room, bar, or on your kitchen’s countertop. Called Home Depot in Chandler, AZ and they referred me to Magic Chef. With thermoelectric cooling technology, chilling and storing red and white wines at the most appropriate temperature is sure and efficient. What We Like: 1. It is environmentally safe and efficient in its noiseless, vibration-free cooling technology. You can easily view all your bottles as the LCD lights illuminate the unit. The elegant black metal, stainless steel rim, and reflective smoked-glass door appear very attractive to match your kitchen’s interior decoration. You can have full control of the temperature and of the interior light suitable to the bottles of wines through the control panel. Read honest and … Storing both reds and whites in a wine cooler (some even let you designate temperature zones to be ideal for reds, whites and sparkling wine) ensures that when served, they are at the proper temperature for drinking so you can fully enjoy the experience. Those are far from ideal ways to store your wine. Second, never, under any circumstance, unplug your mini fridge unless you absolutely have too – we will get to that later. Keep your wines stored and chilled in this energy-efficient and fully functional wine cooler. This will be the best and the worst part of your college dorm room. Today he works as a full-time wine cooler and wine cellar consultant for small and large clients alike. With a dual-zone wine cooler you get exactly that — two areas, each with its own temperature control. This is the best small wine cooler for your wine cooling and storage needs. It looks great in its black color and the recessed handle on the door adds style. Smaller wine coolers are less expensive in comparison to larger ones. A specially built wine cooler protects its contents from natural and fluorescent light (some even feature UV protected glass doors). Third, love and care for your mini fridg… Ft. 138-Can Built-In Beverage Centre (SBC057D1BSS) - Stainless Steel, Koolatron 50-Bottle Freestanding Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cellar (WC50) - Black, Gymax 60 Can Beverage Refrigerator Beer Wine Soda Drink Cooler Mini Fridge Glass Door, KitchenAid 4.7 Cu. If you’re a serious … Are Small Wine Coolers & Fridges available in different sizes? $25 Off Your First Repair. Ft. Built-In Beverage Centre (SRVBC050L) - Black, Silhouette Reserve 5 Cu. With a metallic silver trimmed glass door and platinum cabinet, this unit is guaranteed to match any style you have in the kitchen or home bar. This ensures the wine ages properly and is always ready to drink. The top-selling wine coolers product is the Magic Chef 23.4 in. Featuring a compact but decorative wine cooler, NutriChef designed this with an ultra-quiet operating thermoelectric cooling technology and adjustable temperature. The airtight seal and reinforced glass door provide the right protection for wine bottles against UV light and exterior temperature.