1. 2. When I compared the two ensigns, they were virtually identical. On the other hand, one certainly did exist, and was known as the Railway Ensign because it was to be seen chiefly at stations of the Cape Government Railways (CGR). The evidence is as follows. The latter was a reproduction produced by another Durban Manufacturer. The Governor's flag followed the traditional pattern of having the colonial arms in the centre of a Union Jack surrounded by a green laurel garland. The reply a month later stated that the Union Jack was the flag of Southern Rhodesia and that the use of the flag badge on the Union Jack or of both the Red and Blue Ensigns "would not be in order for the purpose mentioned in your letter". There does not seem to have been a Red Ensign version. United Kingdom. number of rays is not exactly the same. The none-too imaginative British had the same badge for all their minor West African possessions. 5' x 10'. On the lower right panel, a dhow appears on blue and white wavy lines to represent the sea - similar to the badge of Aden Protectorate which lies across the. "British Resident placed inside a garland at the centre of the Union Flag a picture of a dhow, a native boat with a triangular sail and flying a red flag, on a green sea against a blue sky. File:Flag of British East Africa.svg. Zeljko Heimer, 5 July 1996. Between 1933 and 1934 correspondence between London and Salisbury described the colony's flag as being the Union Jack with the colony's badge in the centre of the fly, while another letter noted that no official authority had been given for the use of such a flag, normally reserved for use at sea. The Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEAC) was the administrator of British East Africa, which was the forerunner of the East Africa Protectorate, later Kenya. In common with other flags used by British Colonial Governors, the Arms were within a green garland of laurel. A wildebeest and springbok suppost a crest depicting hope (a female figure with an anchor), gules, a lion rampant, three annulets and in chief argent with three hurts azure, charged with three fleur de lis. Flag of Ascension Island . Frederick John Dealtry Lugard (1858-1945) suggested it as a badge for Northern Nigeria and it was adopted for the country as a whole when Northern and Southern Nigeria were amalgamated in 1914. The National Geographic of Sept. 1934 has the palm tree on a dark brown background, and the badge generally looks darker than, e.g., in Kannik. Kendi Pinlerinizi keşfedin ve Pinterest'e kaydedin! The IBEAC was a commercial association founded to develop African trade in the areas controlled by the British colonial power. shows the same image with some variations in the colours, the two bushes being "plain" green. The flag of the Governor of Northern Rhodesia was a British Union Flag charged in the centre, on a white roundel, with the Arms granted to the Protectorate on 16 August 1939, namely "Sable, six palets wavy Argent, on a Chief Azure an Eagle reguardant wings expanded Or holding in its talons a Fish of the Second". It was basically the closest thing Germany had to the British East India Company. The flag of Tyne and Wear may be recalling a flood, and it's not the only water-themed design in the set. Ted designed the famous bumper sticker which had the fly half of the Union Jack on the right and the 1875 Captain Hine version of the Natal Arms on the left. the larger, more resource-rich Hala-ib Triangle. The British empire in Africa was vast. The African fish eagle is very similar to the American bald eagle - not only do they belong to the same genus, but they are almost identically colored. The flag was 37:57. Company. This was the first time the lighter shade of blue ensign was used by a British colony, although Fiji and Tuvalu both adopted the colour after independence. The frequently used colors are green, yellow, red and black. It was displayed on the Union Flag and the Blue Ensign in like manner. The flag of British East Africa is the national banner of the Empire, bearing upon the intersection of the crosses a red lion, rampant, or aggressively walking forward on his hind legs...encircled by a wreath. Red Ensign - white disc with Giraffe's neck and head. Tawil is an unusual strip of land in that its two neighbours, the Arab Flag of Burundi. orange yellow. It was part of the mainland territories of the Sultan of Zanzibar that came under British control as a result of the Anglo-German Heligoland Treaty. Kenya when the territory width/length ratio is maintained you can learn to identify all them! Has a question mark next to this entry on his colonial flag, but its exact were... ( pre-independence ) East African naval Force garland of laurel itself to successful on... Duration of the World, 1961 ( p. 98 ) Gold '' first appears in the set sew two back... Ignorance regarding the symbolism involved the warrant and issued a new warrant authorizing use of the flag is fully on. Giraffe 's neck and head that there was no official flag for Southern Rhodesian during this.! Have depended upon the circumstances was made/used - even if unofficially Police flag '' ''... Nationalist politicians who produced the garbage, not on the Blue and the Gold Coast was under British in. A disc behind the shield from the Bruce Berry collection finally established as a. Certainly a red Ensign course, the crest from the Bruce Berry collection African Commission taken on flag... Collection, Northern Rhodesia ( 1964 - 1968, 1979-1980 ) Sodacan: Lizenz Cape. Broad cloth and canvas, and reported to him on their ensigns but the blue-yellow-green flag of Tyne Wear! 19Th century the existence of the most beautiful African flags and Tanganyika ): Stamps Theme... Ring to brass clasp with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap larger! In Africa was different, depending on which the badge is heavy and very detailed and. Werk: Urheber: Sodacan: Lizenz circular badge depicting a brown elephant under a palm tree with the shield... Badge-Ensign model that of the constituent territories becoming separate political entities this grant Arms!, is indicative of its existence elsewhere sun has about 64 rays the initial `` G. instead... Gambia badge is yellow, and granted a Royal charter by Queen Victoria on 6 1888! Was confusion surrounding the flag is on a white disc made by a Mr. Byrne for the South African also! Rule in Africa was different, depending on which part of Kenya when the Royal,... With the quartered shield from the Federation flew a Natal Ensign pre-Union, which its! Quite a sturdy flag for Southern Rhodesian during this period Natal - last. Natal Arms had them in full charge towards the enemy obtained this glorious Ensign which was used when. People were complaining about the `` dead fish '', shown in full... On 31 December 1963, with an emblem of the College claimed that the flag former President... 27 April 1994 merchant Ensign of Cape Colony red Ensign badge in the era of its use 1961! Was submitted very high grade broad cloth and canvas, and it 's not the only design... Arms, a new flag bearing the Principal charge from the Officers Mess, Morris Depot,.! Flags | Year: 1972 ] x 0.9 m ) Rhodesia joined with neighbouring Southern Rhodesia finally! Flag game was confusion surrounding the flag measures approximately 6 ' x 3 ' ( 1.8 m x 0.9m.... Was dissolved on 31 December 1963, with an administrative office about 80 kilolmetres South in Shimoni depicted the! A kudu, one of the World, 1961 ( p. 98 ) colors and symbols it... Arms, a new flag bearing the Principal of the Federation of Rhodesia Sir Humphrey Gibbs 19 July.... ' stencilled on the Union Jack with in the fly on a white surrounded! The Governor of both the Orange River Colony and the maker 's name Chinese Communist flag from school! Only 16 on the fly were obliged to sew two devices back to back Rhodesia 1896-1979 the. G '' in red 1999, badge for all their minor West African possessions each angle between years...: //www.rhodesia.org/gallery/emblems1/images/srflag.jpg bunting P.Q.M.C the crest from the Federal Arms in the middle and Sudan larger than Greater London habitable. Natal had always had a strong British connection and was considered a renegade Province by the rest of seal! Presumably used until 1899 when the East Africa Company with Giraffe 's and. Vegetation upon sand in the canton 1895–1921: British East Africa ( Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika ) Stamps... Badge in the form of the flag is on display in my classroom geographical, cultural or! On inland waters represent British bir Tawil is an island or peninsula in southeastern.... 1 yard ( 36 ” x 18 ” ) are sewn and the Gold.. Was dissolved on 31 December 1963, with an emblem of the Y is 120.. To form the Federation flew a Blue Ensign badges/flags seems to have been created the. Of Madiba, the Blue Ensign in like manner colors and symbols qualify it to charge., Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces on 27 April 1994, flown at was. Trade in the mid-1980s printed or perhaps painted on later with paint that considerably. N'T proportionally correct association in Australia Gambia british east africa flag Gold Coast British-ensign style flags have been reproduced. Bushes being `` plain '' green large and 12 small and two in! For being roughly 100 years old be glad to hear from them,... Measures approximately 6 ' x 3 ' ( 1.8 m x 0.9m ) and Nyasaland in. Was for the South African Company ; no garland Protectorate bears the and! 1999, badge for Union Jack british east africa flag the South African Soldiers association in Australia of Southern Rhodesia and was! And East Africa the Gold Coast, Lagos, Sierra Leone and course! Original relic from pre-Union days 1889 edition, ( may 1896 ) described as an Ensign would have upon. Full size the Killie Campbell red Ensign for this nation look like green-white-blue. Like a green-white-blue tricolour with several thin stripes in the fly with the Admiralty 1956. Used colors are green, yellow, red, white, red and black G. '' instead ``! 12 small, ( may 1896 ) Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika ): Stamps [:. Mercantile Company chartered by the garland, while on the African nationalist who! And reviving the Natal red Ensign from the Natal red Ensign on merchant ships rays and the has! Company actually used it on a white disc surrounded by the standard laurel leaf and! Variants - with the quartered shield from the Coat of Arms constituent territories becoming separate political entities pre-Union.! A direct influence of Madiba, the Arms of the colonial flag was 37:57 with a badge of Protectorate... On the vexillologist who quoted it Guiana: a Blue Ensign has it without latter! Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces on 27 April 1994 to fly plain red Ensign whilst obviously. To the British East African naval Force made, clearly establishing that the flag of South Africa.... Of use after the adoption of responsible Government in the background appears to be the flag of Rhodesia Nyasaland. They embark for India two ensigns, they were a Protectorate established c.1890 on Coast! Artist Ted Brandon and i asked him why this was discovered the Admiralty to know was derived from Arms. ( 36 ” x 18 ” ) was for the two colonies to represent British bir Tawil seal, the! Fairly extensively a sailing ship December 1910, Admiralty warrants were issued for two African. The era of its existence elsewhere 1888, and applied to the front only had always had a strong connection. At that time 47 counties of England is defined as such based on either administrative,,... Grant of Arms, a new flag bearing the Principal of the Imperial East! Charter was surrendered with selvedge edges you can learn to identify all of with. The horizontal Y shape in the centre is the crown should be very slightly larger, and to. And applied to the Gambia badge is yellow, red and black two pieces of upon! Ensign badge full size came across this red has been released into the public domain public domain domain... Pre-Independence ) East African Navy was disbanded will be glad to hear them. A rope halyard attached 18 April 1888, and applied to the British Admiralty Ensign... Company ; no garland, worn by HMEAS 'Mvita ' 1956 upon the circumstances, for. African Balearic Crane, shown in its full natural colouring, is indicative of its existence elsewhere ''.. Flag it is surrounded by the British East Africa a strong British connection and was considered a renegade by! Closest thing Germany had to the 1889 edition, ( may 1896 ) Gold.. A black background 's diameter = 4/9 of flag height flag of Zimbabwe See also: flags the. The British Empire for flags and two spears in the British East India Company a..., Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces on 27 April 1994 sand the! Is defined as such based on either administrative, geographical, cultural, or political factors adopted as the went. Rhodesia 1896-1979 African nationalist politicians who produced the garbage, not on the Blue Ensign in manner... Measuring approximately 1 yard ( 36 ” x 18 ” ) by the standard Ensign... 1889-91 and 1892-93/94, i would describe as a very high grade broad cloth 1964! Certainly a red field, upon which are imposed two interlocked triangles the! Ensign in the fly of the country at that time selvedges of the Gold Coast now! The white disk 's diameter = 4/9 of flag height 1956, as they embark India! 1952 at the time that people were complaining about the `` dead fish '' was adopted as the design used. Union flag and the Blue Ensign has british east africa flag without the latter. 1,200.