", } "pagination": { High Five LCD E-NAIL QUARTZ EBANGER KIT ... Magna Carta Dry Herb Atomizer. Experience the performance of a desktop With a … *Tip: You will need to bump up the temperature for Quartz bowl* High Five designed the Duo’s atomizer to be advanced, reliable, and durable. "message": "Message", "upsell_product_page_title": "You may also like these products", "billing_address": "Billing Address", "upsell_block_title": "Frequently bought with \"[[ product_title ]]\"", "add_to_review": "Add to review", "desc": "Creating an account is easy. Equipped with a powerful industry leading battery pack for prolong usage compared to other E-Rigs on the market. }, Just in is the High Five Duo portable smart rig. We will publish it in a little while, as our blog is moderated. "share_on_linkedin": "Share on LinkedIn", "empty": "Your cart is currently empty. In addition, DIY repair kits are not available because the DUO is made TO LAST. "by_author": "by [[ author ]]", "article": { "fulfillment_status": "Fulfillment Status", "last_name": "Last Name", "message": "Message", "collections": { }, {"en":"Join us. "wishlist_exist_msg": "[[ product_title ]] is exist in wishlist", "add_new": "Add a New Address", High Five Duo. "next_slide": "Next slide", }, Availability: Also, the sesh duration can be expanded to 60 seconds, which is good for heavy users. "pause_slideshow": "Pause slideshow", "order": { Sale, {{ getTextTransByKey('products.product.in_stock') }} "hot_line": "Hot line" "nav": true, Experience the performance of a desktop vaporizer wherever you go. Good news for both flower and concentrate lovers — High Five Duo can handle dry herbs as well as e-juice. } Experience the performance of a desktop vaporizer wherever you go. Choose Options. Bought my high five duo two weeks ago and have had nothing but trouble, within the first week of usage I kept getting an “overheat error” and so I cleaned the device as described in the manual, only for it to work for 2 days, and then the battery just quit working. "general": { "share": "Share product", "register_dropdown": "No account? "email": "Email", "addresses": { "navigation": { We have tried something different, by connecting a jet ventilator hose to the atomizer and setting the jet pressure at 5-10 psi. "compare": "Compare", "mobile_account_tab": "Account", and get all the latest news, trends and offers straight to your inbox. Its atomizer cover is made from silicone, so the dab concentrates and wax does not easily stick there. "404": { } "post_success": "Thanks for contacting us. } Sunday 11AM to 8PM, © 2021 Blackhouse Vapor Company | Designed by Compulse Integrated Marketing. High Five DUO Atomizer for WAX and Concentrates; High Five Duo Original Carb Cap; High Five DUO Insert Bucket - Quartz or Titanium; High Five Duo Glass Attachment for Replacement; NOT FOR USE WITH ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. "compare_success_msg": "[[ product_title ]] has been added to comparing box successful", "play_video": "Play video", When the device is on, the lights at the bottom of the base and inside of the glass attachment are on. "opening_soon": "Opening Soon", "gift_cards": { HIGH5 Vapes produce the most affordable E-rigs and E-nails currently on the market without sacrificing quality or reliability and all the while still maintaining a warranty that is better than any of their competitors. "other": "[[ count ]] comments" "submit": "Submit", "guest_title": "Continue as a guest", "deal_second": "Seconds", With a temperature range of 350-600 degrees Fahrenheit, it is maybe the most versatile on the list. Each Puffco Peak Atomizer 3 PACK order are shipped out with FREE USPS 1-3 DAY First Class Shipping. "top_btn": "Top" "shipping": "Shipping", Dismiss. }, "skip_to_content": "Skip to content", Choose Options. "product_description": "This area is used to describe your product’s details. This dual purpose concentrate & flower vaporizer is the best rig available, designed from the ground up without sacrificing quality or reliability. "date_formats": { "shipping_address": "Shipping Address", "create_account": "Create account", "reset_password": { "share_on_twitter": "Tweet on Twitter", The DUO is composed of Food & Medical Grade materials/components. Thank you! "remove": "Remove", "world_wide_delivery": "Worldwide delivery", The High Five DUO comes with the manufacturer's warranty. Create one here", "contact": { "layout": { }, $ 399.99. The precise and intelligent heating system delivers an experience that allows you to fully enjoy the flavor, potency and effects of any material. HOURS "products": { The temperature range is from 350 to 600 degrees, and there are no preset temperatures. Its intelligent heating system and easy temperature controls help you get that precise burn, retaining all the good flavor and potency with little to no wastage. "total_item": "Total item", "shop_link": "Start shopping", "share_on_facebook": "Share on Facebook", "address2": "Address2", If you’re ready to elevate the way you vaporize look no further, the DUO is here but it takes two to tango. "wishlist_success_msg": "[[ product_title ]] has been added to wishlist successful", "toggle": "expand\/collapse", The DUO is composed of Food & Medical Grade materials/components. Regular price "tax": "Tax", Monday - Saturday 9AM to 10PM The High Five DUO eRig provides a larger sized 16mm bowl made for heavy users. "label": { "collapse": "collapse", Select the port “H5 DUO” Click Browse to select the program; Select the program in the finder window. Related Items. Fast USB-C charging and the pass through charging feature allows the device to be simultaneously charged and used while maintaining all functionality. "activate_account": { "name": "Name", We inspect all products upon return. "quick_view_details": "View details", Magna Carta Dry Herb Atomizer. "social": { "here": "here", Magna Carta Concentrate Atomizer … ", }, Tweet; Pin It; Add to Cart Description. Customize each session according to your own preference, the LED display allows you to adjust and set your ideal temperature and control the duration of each session with the touch of a button. "homepage": { Regular price "grid": "Grid", "remaining_html": "[[ balance ]] left", }, All price matches will be … "view_and_edit_cart": "View and edit cart", Regular price $40.00 Sale price $29.99 Sale. "sku": "SKU", HIGH5® designs, develops and manufactures various products and tools for vaporizing. "province": "Province", }, "share_on_twitter": "Share on Twitter", "log_in": "Log in", }, The battery pack is bigger than others, so you can have more dab sessions with one full charge. }, }, High Five - Duo Vape $ 299.99 . "reviews": "Reviews", "unavailable": "Unavailable", }, Subscribe To Our Mailing List","fr":"Rejoignez-nous. "password": "Password", "title_html": "Here's your [[ value ]] gift card for [[ shop ]]! "subtext": "We will send you an email to reset your password. + Free Shipping, Compatibility: Concentrates and Dry Herbs Height: Approximately 7 Inches in HeightBowl Size: 16mm in Diameter Warranty: 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty on Device / 6-Month Manufacturer Warranty on Atomizer Manufacturer: High Five Vaporizers. "email": "Email", Add to Cart. "deal_hours": "Hours", "next": "Next", "no_content": "This section doesn’t currently include any content. "city": "City", "subtext": "The page you requested does not exist. Each High Five Duo Vape comes with both the Quartz and Titanium Large 16mm Bowls. "upsell_cart_qty": "[[ count ]] item(s)", "success": "We've sent you an email with a link to update your password." Experience The Smartest Rig on the market. "wishlist": "Add to Wishlist" The High 5 DUO E-Rig takes the fast charging USB-C, so it charges quickly. Load the Titanium bowl for huge vapor production and load the Quartz Bowl for maximum flavor. However, you are able to set your ideal temperature and control with the up/down buttons next to the LED displace showing the temperature. "view_addresses": "View Addresses", Write Your Own Review. You can check out Shopify’s ecommerce blog for inspiration and advice for your own store and blog. }, To the Editor:-Using the atomizer to deliver local anesthesia to the larynx is common, and one common variation is to deliver high-flow oxygen through the atomizer. "close_modal": "Close (esc)" "sidebar_btn": "Filter by" The Duo-Tape® configuration is the most popular of all our flexible elements. "all_collection": "All Collections", The DUO does not require frequent atomizer replacing nor do we sell DIY repair kits because the DUO is BUILT TO LAST. Experience the performance of a desktop vaporizer wherever you go. "get_directions": "Get directions", "forgot_password": "Forgot your password? "title": "Your cart", "brand": "Brand", "items_count_label" : "[[ count ]] item(s) in your cart", * The DUO Dry Herb Atomizer will be available in Winter, 2020. }, "password_confirm": "Confirm Password", "home": "Home", "previous": "Previous", }, "orders": { The lights are and colors are customizable with 11 options so you can adjust and set up any colors and brightness you want. "delete_confirm": "Are you sure you wish to delete this address?" "product": "Product", Tell customers about the look, feel, and style of your product. "clear_all": "Clear All", "signup_form_email_label": "Email", The Yocan Hive Wax Atomizers are one of these replaceable pieces that easily connects and disconnects to the vaporizer by way of magnetic connection. Besides the unique atomizer, other awesome features are the adjustable temperature control with LED display. It is your own responsibility to know your state and local laws regarding the possession and use of tobacco pipes and accessories. "form": { "dots": false, According to High Five Vapes, the dry herb atomizer is released in Winter 2020. NICOTINE IS AN ADDICTIVE CHEMICAL. "submit": "Subscribe", "required": "Required" "close": "Close search" Also, unline other vape rigs, you can use the DUO while you are charging it. High Five DUO Replacement Heating Element Atomizer for DUO-E-rig. }, "title": "Search our site", "recover_password": { "share_on_facebook": "Share", 10% OFF ALL High Five Vaporizers including Duo Dab E-Rig Use our exclusive high five coupon codess above to score instant discounts for January, 2021! "required": "Required", "general": { "tags": "Product Tags", "edit": "Edit", "size": "Size", Our current product range includes torches, e-nails, and portable electronic vaporizers. "responsive": { "open_light_gallery": "Click here to open gallery images" "all_topics": "All topics", "one": "[[ count ]] comment", {{ getTextTransByKey('products.product.out_of_stock') }}, {{ decodeHtml(cartResProduct.blockTitle) }}, Shipping & Return, Reward Program, $30 OFF High Five Duo Discount Code: Duo30, { "top_header_register": "Register", "email": "Email", A testament to Yocan’s cost-effective and high-quality collection of replacement parts. Quantity. The base has the 3 year warranty, which is longer than other E-Rigs’ warranties, and the atomizer is covered for 3 months. "actions": "Actions", "related_title": "Related Products", The Puffco Peak Heating Chamber comes wrapped sealed in a small box. "sections": { "social_platform": "[[ name ]] on [[ platform ]]" }, Add to Cart. It’s an eRig that can vaporize both wax concentrates and botanical plant matter which makes it a valuable addition to your vaping arsenal and makes a befitting device for both wax concentrate and dry herb fans. "log_out": "Log out", "blog_author": "Author name", "first_review": "Be the first review", "quantity": "Quantity", "accessibility": { Vapor is pulled away from the atomizer, heating element/wires and electrical connections thus preventing frequent atomizer failure, sticky components and residue buildup. "empty_page_title": "Shopping Cart is Empty", "register": { "price": "Price", "top_header_wishlist": "Wish list", "login_form_submit": "Enter", }, Price Match*: Want to buy High Five Duo Replacement Atomizer for sale online at the cheapest price? The Yocan Hive Wax Atomizers feature 100% quartz crystal and are made from medical grade materials. "close_video": "Close video" "title": "Order [[ name ]]", The High Five Duo Atomizer is safely placed inside the body of the device which means that it’s away from harm and cannot easily be messed with accidentally. It is easy to file a warranty claim on the High Five official website, and the manufacturer will take good care of you. "page": "Page [[ page ]]"