The coronavirus divide: Private sector pay slumps 1.2% in May as economy reels from lockdown - while public sector employees saw incomes surge 4.8% and the gap is set to get WIDER However, commentators […] At Spending Review 2020 the Chancellor announced that in order to protect jobs and ensure fairness, public sector pay will be restrained and targeted in 2021/22. HM Treasury said this year’s pay awards reflect the ‘enormous effort’ made by public sector staff in responding to the coronavirus outbreak, and each award was recommended by independent pay review bodies. Health. However, research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies showed that public sector pay is 1.5% lower than in 2010 after inflation, and among the lowest levels relative to private sector … 0 Link copied. Public sector workers pay rise: Which public sector workers are getting a rise - how much? Teachers, doctors, police and 900,000 more public sector workers to get pay rise The pay awards for the armed forces, prison officers, senior civil servants and NHS staff will be … UK public sector workers are getting a pay rise in recognition of their work during the coronavirus pandemic -- but nurses have been left empty handed. NHS. Plans to freeze the play of public sectors has put the Chancellor on a collision course with unions. Public sector pay rise announcement ‘kick in the teeth for social care staff’ Politics. coronavirus. And 2.1 million public sector workers who earn below £24,000 per year have been guaranteed a pay increase of at least £250. The national living wage will also rise … Nearly 900,000 public sector workers including teachers, doctors, police and prison officers will see their pay increase by up to 3.1%. Pay for most public sector workers also rose above inflation last year after the Government ended the across-the-board 1% pay rise cap in September 2017. ... Tue, Jul 21, 2020. It comes as public sector workers are expected to secure a pay rise in the coming years under proposals published in the last week.